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3. Utilization Dilemma To induce to boost or increase by concerted work: methods that grew the spouse and children business.

› [ I/T ] to supply a plant With all the circumstances it must create, or to build from a seed or little plant:

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The thought had grown on her all morning → a medida que avanzó la mañana le fue gustando más la idea

You can find plenty of "grow taller" workout routines on the web, which assert that can assist you grow. As stated above, following your growth plates have closed, you will not grow taller. Consequently, there is not any scientific evidence to counsel you could grow taller by way of stretching. Stretching could increase your posture, which could exaggerate how tall that you are — or de-emphasize how compact you might be — nevertheless it can not add inches for your frame.

five. to become. It's growing darkish. donker word يُصْبِحُ ставам ficar stávat se werden blive γίνομαιhacerse minema شدن tulla devenir להיות postajati válik (vmivé) menjadi verða diventare ~になる 되다 darytis, tapti kļūt semakin wordenbli stawać się شول ficar a se encounter становиться (vyjadruje zmenu stavu) st(áv)ať sa postati postajati bli กลับกลาย olmak 變成 ставати ہو جانا trở thành 渐渐变得

Notify him," commanded Thorndike, "I want a wood street, appropriate to some farm; and to Enable the trees grow exactly where God planted them.

Decentralize, engage in Local community: "...decentralization from self and participation inside a Group of folks could be the pretty process of recovery or individual growth."

Medical-cannabis people received a court battle firstly of this 12 months enabling them to grow their particular cannabis at…

improve - go through a transform; grow to be diverse in essence; dropping just one's or its authentic nature; "She changed completely as she grew older"; "The climate modified previous night time"

grow aside VI + ADV [mates] → distanciarse; [few] he and his spouse grew apart → la relación entre él y su mujer se entibió or se debilitó

grow - occur to obtain or undergo a adjust of (physical functions and attributes); "He grew a beard"; "The patient developed abdominal pains"; "I acquired amusing places all over my entire body"; "Nicely-created breasts"

grow - cultivate by growing, usually url involving enhancements via agricultural tactics; "The Bordeaux area generates excellent purple wines"; "They produce very good ham in Parma"; "We grow wheat here"; "We raise hogs in this article"

arrive, abide by - for being the item or consequence; "Melons come from a vine"; "Comprehension arises from practical experience"

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